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Exterior painting ($750 off full exterior repaint)

Buying a home for most will be the single largest investment you will ever make. Once we make such an investment we tend to forget about it and take it for grant it.

The average life span of the exterior paint on your house is approximately 4 years. From that point your house begins to suffer damage. The damage can cost thousands to repair. Your exterior paint when properly maintained offers weatherproofing and water proofing. Paint also offers protection from rot, blistering, bending, twisting, and de-lamination.

Kova Bros painting offers the maintenance your investment deserves. Keep up with your maintenance now and it will not cost you later.

Quality home repaints. Job include any scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming. Quality prep also includes masking, paper, plastic, and shielding for over spray protection. 100% job clean-up after completion.

Why Choose Us?


We produce a higher level of residential and commercial professional painting services.

Customer Service

Customer service will help you answer any questions before, during and after painting.

Quality Assurance

We afford Quality Assurance services that approach each engagement as a partnership.

Upfront Pricing

We provide honest upfront pricing so that you know the real cost of your painting projects.